FCFP Pre-Game Inspection: Feb 9th vs KW Titans

FCFP Pre-Game Inspection: Feb 9th vs KW Titans

1: What. A. Game.

The Lightning and the Express went head to head on Thursday night in an incredible match-up. The Express tied the game at the end of the fourth with an unbelievable 3 from almost half court from Ryan Anderson. the Lightning fell behind in OT, finding themselves down 9 with 1:45 left, but they made a comeback. Xavier Moon tied the game with 2 free throws and that sent in to double OT. The Lightning ran Express down in 2OT but they were the ones to make the comeback this time. They tied the game at 144 with 10 seconds; however, London brought the ball back down the court and with time running down, Xavier Moon hit a 3 and sealed the win. The game had ups and downs and highs and lows but it was one of the best games the Lightning have played this season. They had all players scoring, rebounding, playing defense, passing, and taking care of the ball and doing it very well. Let's hope this is a big booster for the team heading into 2 games this weekend and tonight against the Titans

2: Remember the Titans

The KW Titans are just ahead of London in the standings so this is could be a good opportunity to take a move up. Kitchener and London have been pretty even statistically throughout this season. The Titans do have a slight edge in some offensive categories so that could be something to watch out for with being ahead of the Bolts in 3 point percentage and assists. The Lightning could have their hands full so they will need to be ready to switch and hustle around the court to prevent open baskets. The Lightning are a strong defensive teams especially when they are running a full squad so the chance of shutting down the Titans is there. Marucs Capers has been a strong all around player the past couple games becoming more of a scorer to go along with his great defense so look for that as a possibility in tonight's game for the Bolts.

3: Where to Watch

Come on out to Budweiser Gardens to see the Lightning in person or follow the link here https://nblclive.ca/ to stream the game at home so you do not miss any of the action!